Lemonati Family Farms | About Us
Lemonati Family Farms is the nation’s best cannabis company. We are going to do cool stuff that no other company in the industry is doing, maybe because they’re scared, or maybe because they are too busy creating a one world cannabis conglomerate…In the meantime, Conspire with Us!
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About Us


Here at Lemonati Family Farms. we are passionate about cultivating the best cannabis available. Why? Because we care about the health and well-being of our customers, our employees, and our community. We take personal pride in blending the art and science of growing the finest cannabis, with exceptional aroma, flavor, and effects. These qualities inspire our cultivation efforts in search of the perfect combination of traits to deliver the best cannabis experience. When you purchase our cannabis, you can be assured it was grown by The Lemonati Family, and we will never license out any of our production!

Using customized hydroponic systems, LFF is able to give each and every variety of cannabis within our facility, the specific care they need to produce the highest quality cannabis flowers for Michigan’s medical patients. We ensure that they are free from any type of unintended biological input, with our advanced knowledge of enviormental factors and plant fertilizers. We are able to manipulate our plants to produce the most fragrant and potent cannabis in Michigan, all while using 70% less fertilizer treated water than facilities using potted containers.

Conspire With Us

We just care about patients, people who like good cannabis, pets, and other companies that want to do what we do.