Lemonati Family Farms | Gulf of Tonkin
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Gulf of Tonkin

According to Raymond McGovern – a retired CIA officer, the CIA, “not to mention President Lyndon Johnson, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy all knew full well that the evidence of any armed attack on the evening of Aug. 4, 1964, the so-called ‘second’ Tonkin Gulf incident, was highly dubious. During the summer of 1964, President Johnson and the Joint Chiefs of Staff were eager to widen the war in Vietnam.

Effects: Extremely potent calming yet elevated experience. very euphoric!

Suggested Use: extremely potent cannabis that will not be too sedative, nor too energetic. Great for patients looking for “Banana” varieties.

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THC/THCA: 31.3%
CBD: 0.8%

Myrcene: 0.14%
Limonene: 0.15%

Banana Hammock (Grape God x Mandarin Sunset) x Grand Daddy Purps (Afghani x Skunk)